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Get involved.

Social commitment, social participation and the development of sustainable solutions are matters close to our hearts, which also run through the projects we support. But our commitment goes even further. We integrate socially relevant and ecological topics into our daily work, whether through discussions with top candidates before upcoming elections or in discussions with NGOs in the field of sustainability. It is important to us to provide our employees with broad insights and to open up scope for them to actively participate in positive social change. One of ahc's special concerns is the issue of equality, which our founder Sophia Hatzelmann is passionately committed to.

For sustainability.

ahc is committed to the corporate network for climate protection. We organise our everyday work in such a way that we do not live beyond the means of our generation and deal responsibly with the resources we are entitled to. Our office in Stuttgart uses almost no paper and is easily accessible by public transport. We support our employees with public transport tickets and, if they wish, they can also make use of our job bike offer. For each climate-relevant purchase, we thoroughly examine its necessity and possible compensation options in order to make our contribution to the sustainable use of resources.

  • Climate protection network
  • Sustainability review
  • Jobbike
  • ISO 14001 certification

For a society worth living in.

We are convinced that a good future will only be possible by strengthening the idea of solidarity in society. Because even though we have a lot in life in our own hands, there are situations in which everyone is dependent on help at some point. That is why we have been involved in social and community projects since our foundation.

  • Start-up funding at universities
  • DKMS Typings
  • Lectures on vocational education at schools
  • Our managing director Sophia Hatzelmann is an elected member of the general assembly of the Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)

For the networking of knowledge.

A major focus of our commitment is better networking between cutting-edge research and small and medium-sized enterprises. Sophia Hatzelmann has been an Industry 4.0 Scout for the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg since 2017; with ahc, she tests methodological innovations for Industry 4.0 projects. To this end, free workshops are held at IHKs throughout Baden-W├╝rttemberg. We are also enthusiastically involved in think tanks and other events organised by the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research.

For equality.

Diversity is a key characteristic of ahc and one of the reasons for our success. Our team is made up of employees of different ages and from different nations, who enrich ahc with diverse impulses and perspectives. A circumstance from which our clients also benefit.

A special focus of our commitment is the promotion of young female entrepreneurs and women in STEM professions. We want to encourage female talent to enter fields that are still dominated by men and to start their own businesses. With her own biography, our managing director Sophia Hatzelmann is an inspiring role model for this. In addition to her position at ahc, she chaired the MINT Commission of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU) until 2019 and initiated the annual MINTsummit. Another annually recurring project at ahc is Girls' Day, where schoolgirls can discover their talents and interests in STEM professions.

  • MINT Commission

  • Regular participation in Girls' Day

  • MENA programme to roll out Girls' Day in Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia

  • Presentations on the promotion of women in STEM professions

  • Model entrepreneur "FRAUEN unternehmen"