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Mission complete.

We have been managing technically complex projects for automotive & industry, construction and digital transformation, since 2007. Our clients trust in our professional and communicative competence. We act as mediators between the hierarchies within companies and ensure that; our clients have a reliable overview at all times, schedules are adhered to, the project moves forward - and is completed. Only then is our mission fulfilled.

For example, we support Rolls Royce in the automotive sector in the development of hydrogen drives. When it comes to digitalisation, Deutsche Bahn relies on our expertise and trusts us in the development of its new distribution system. And in the area of construction, we were brought on board for the fast and cost-effective realisation of the Tesla Gigafactory.

Manage projects.

We offer every project management role depending on project needs - from a support service to a program director of billion-dollar projects. Our experts are well trained and certified. We take care of your project specifically and on site to ensure that it reaches its goal safely and, of course, we pay attention to complete cost and schedule transparency.

Plan and accompany projects.

Due to our extensive industry and project knowledge, we know very well what works and what does not. We accompany you in the conception of your strategic projects, optimise your project organisation as a whole or convert it to Agile and Lean, if is useful.

In addition, we advise organisations so that they can implement sustainable changes.

Learn project management.

We are not only qualified project managers, it is also important to us to pass on this knowledge. We offer specific training programs as well as complete certification courses (e.g. GPM and SCRUM). Not only, do our own employees benefit from this, but you also can book these training programs for your team.