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Realized Projects.

We, at ahc GmbH, are proud to provide you with an insight into our successfully realized and currently running projects. Our expertise and commitment are reflected in every project we undertake. From conception to implementation, we follow a clear strategy to develop innovative solutions and overcome challenges. Please take the opportunity to immerse yourself in our diverse project landscape, which demonstrates our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Our client's Gigafactory is a complex billion-dollar project in which our ahc team has assumed a crucial role in project management. ahc Gmbh supports the client team in monitoring progress, financing and coordinating with contractors. Through careful review of invoices and drawings, on-site supervision and close collaboration with the car manufacturer's construction managers, we were able.

Test drives

The case study on effective test drives in vehicle development exemplifies the pivotal role played by ahc GmbH. Our client, a pioneer in vehicle development and mobility solutions, showcases its expertise through carefully planned test drives, to assess telematics, driving and assistance systems and the battery system. Continuous data acquisition is ensured with the help of special video and measurement technology and makes the maturity level of the vehicles visible. Faults are recorded and prioritized using ticket systems, to enable faults to be rectified as quickly as save a substantial sum of money for our client.


The case study on the Catena-X project shows how well ahc GmbH can blend innovation and professionalism. Catena-X aims to revolutionize the supply chain of the German automotive industry by creating transparency from resource tracking to recycling. State-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence and real-time data streams are being used to achieve these goals. ahc GmbH plays an important role in project management and promoting the participation of other companies. Together with leading industry partners, it is driving the transformation of the automotive supply chain into a transparent and sustainable ecosystem.