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The key to the success of the e-car gigafactory.

In the world of project execution, effective project management and precise control mechanisms are crucial. This is especially true for large and complexly structured projects, such as the Gigafactory of a prestigious e-car manufacturer. Recognizing the importance of effective project control, the company enlisted us to assist its internal project control team in managing and accurately monitoring all construction work for the Gigafactory.

As part of this project, ahc GmbH's Cost Control Team (CC Team) provided the car manufacturer's project control team with well thought out and structured tools to monitor payments to contractors and track project progress seamlessly. The CC team consisted of two internal departments: MEP and Infrastructure. Each of these engineering teams was responsible for specific contractors and task areas. Working closely with the client's internal project management team, the ahc team ensured the project scope, timelines, and comprehensive requirements were exact and accurately captured.

From the initial discussions with the appointed contractors to the creation of invoice templates and schedules, the CC team ensured that all items and quantities listed were accurate to avoid double billing or overcharging. Each contractor received customized templates that provided a clear and structured method of tracking progress and payments made.

Upon receipt of invoices, ahc's CC team carefully reviewed all documentation and drawings to validate the accuracy of claimed payments. Inconsistencies and differences between the contractors' claims and the quantities determined were uncovered and questioned. This led to considerable cost savings for our client and a significantly improved, more efficient invoicing process.

»Though our efficient project management and precise control, we were able to considerably reduce costs, ensure a smooth project execution, and contribute to the success of the Gigafactory.«

Ana Palacios, Projectmanager

Additionally, the CC team conducted on-site inspections to ensure that quantities were accurately installed according to the approved drawings and were progressing as planned. They also maintained close contact with design changes and the client's site managers to closely monitor contractor status and work progress. These careful reviews ensured that the contractors completed the work to the agreed scope, schedule and quality standards.

Furthermore, ahc GmbH's CC team provided support with quantity take-offs, the creation of quantity items and the preparation of bills of quantities for the contracts to be awarded. In close cooperation with the client's project management team, the individual scopes and orders were coordinated and recalculated, which led to a reduction in overall costs and enabled the car manufacturer to make considerable cost savings.

The great success of our work was reflected in the long duration of our partnership, during which the ahc GmbH team provided the client's project team with its technical expertise, project management knowledge, and diligence.

Overall, our work proved to be extremely beneficial for the client. Our client remained precisely informed about the project's progress at all times, knew the financial status, and could rely on the adherence to required quality standards. The expertise of our CC Team was crucial to the successful completion of the project. This collaboration vividly underscores the importance of effective project management and comprehensive control for large-scale projects of high complexity.