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Efficient test drives in vehicle development.

Our client, a pioneer in vehicle development and mobility solutions, showcases its expertise through carefully planned test drives. These tests include various aspects, including the evaluation of assistance and parking systems or the brake assistant. ahc GmbH plays a crucial role in the test driving planning process.

A test drive must be meticulously planned to be carried out successfully. Preparation includes selecting the right vehicles that meet all the requirements of the trip. The relevant vehicles are then updated with the latest hardware and software, including control units, components, sensors and cameras. To be able to evaluate all the data during the test drive, appropriate video and measurement technology is installed in each vehicle. A detailed survey of the participants is then carried out, and the route with the individual interim destinations is planned. A test drive usually takes 1–3 weeks and involves an average of 30–60 participants. Special tools are required to record the errors, which also have to be adapted before each test drive. The dates for the vehicle data readout and fault discussions must be well planned to ensure the test period is as smooth and efficient as possible. Every day, all fault tickets are compiled, discussed and sent to the relevant departments for detailed analysis. At the end of each test drive, a final presentation is prepared for the management, including relevant figures and statistics. This then also influences the approval status of the vehicles.

»With our expertise and careful preparation, we are accelerating the development of electric vehicles and improving product quality.«

Sait Aras, Projectmanager

Data collection during the test drive is crucial in order to gain meaningful insights into the maturity of the vehicles. The subsequent moderation of error discussions guides the problem-solving strategy. The combination of data analysis and technical expertise helps identify suitable solutions. The preparation of a final presentation, based on statistical material and precise figures directly influences the decisions for vehicle development. This presentation presents the collected findings and provides the vehicle developers and management with relevant information to plan future steps.

Continuous ticket maintenance and status reports ensure transparency throughout the entire troubleshooting process. This ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed and can track the progress of troubleshooting. Keeping in touch with the specialized divisions is crucial for making the most of the knowledge acquired. By exchanging information with the technical experts, the results of the test drive can flow directly into the optimization of development. This helps to increase efficiency and bring fault-free vehicles to market faster.

The case study highlights how ahc GmbH's process ensures that the test drive provides data for the specialist departments as quickly as possible, by accelerating shutdown measures, increasing product quality and consolidating our customer's position as a pioneer in vehicle development.